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Ron Welsch

After 30 years owning and running a home repair and remodeling company in Menomonie, WI, I found myself with a strong desire to help people in another manner. I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), after graduating from UW-Stout’s in Marriage and Family Therapy program and completing 3000 hours of internship in Woodbury MN. 


I counsel men, women, youth, children, in families. My early counseling was focused on helping children with social and emotional regulation skills. More recently, I  find helping men with anger transformation to be very impactful in their lives and the lives of their families.


I extensively explore each person’s struggles, interactions, and patterns of communication…with a goal of increasing happiness and health. My clients regularly report positive change. Applying what I have learned, think, feel, and do – on behalf of people and their relationships – feels like my calling…and I find it to be most helpful and satisfying.

I offer support in:

  • Transforming anger

  • Navigating change through life stages

  • Moving toward contentment and happiness

  • Cultivating feelings of safety

  • Developing emotional maturity (Wise Mind)

  • Creating congruence between goals, values, and attitudes

  • Identifying and managing broader personality traits in self and others

  • Negotiating life with trauma

  • Accepting and understanding one’s identity

  • Resiliency before, during, and after divorce

  • Discovering the underlying pain and recovery from addictions

  • Reducing distraction and increasing focus, attention and completed tasks

  • Balancing expectations with self-determination

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