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Services are available variably from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm by appointment, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays. Circumstances may permit a time outside of the regular office schedule. Session and treatment length depends on client needs, stage of therapy, availability and insurance stipulation. We schedule the next session at the end of each session. Clients may schedule out for several months provided they are free of “no-shows” and “late cancels”. Since therapy involves learning new ways of responding to the world or of being, frequency and consistency seem to yield better results. 

Call (715) 231-4373 to Book an Appointment

Thank you!

My business thrives on your referrals.


After initial consultation, you and I may determine what to work on and when. 


If we agree to continue, you will provide me with your name, dob, phone, and email address. If you agree, we will use my secure portal to send and receive intake documents before our first session and to schedule our first session. You will also receive schedule notifications via text, email, voice or all three.   


Sessions occur in my office at the agreed to time. Sessions might be twice per week, once per week, every 2nd week, depending on the unique situation. When more time passes between sessions, therapeutic gain is often reduced. Sessions generally last 53 to 60 minutes. More or less time is available (again, depending on unique situations). 


The first session usually lasts up to an hour and a half as there is more information to review and relationship formation taking place.

Initial Consultation

After you have reviewed this website, I offer a free 20 minute consultation, leading to the questions, “Might we be a fit?” and, “Shall we proceed?”

Family and couples counseling sessions often run longer than one hour because of the complexity and increased variability within the session. I usually allow 1-½ hours for family and couples.  

Please arrive 3-5 minutes early for your session.


If you are going to be late, text or call in your estimated time of arrival (if more than 5 minutes late) to secure the rest of the reserved time.

If you have to cancel, please call or email or text in the portal your change of plans at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment, so we can reschedule your appointment and maintain your regular schedule.

Missed Appointments

If the client misses a session without a 24-hour notice, they will be responsible for paying the therapists missed session fee of $35.00.

You are encouraged to use the Secure Messaging platform of the portal.



Rates for service vary with the nature of the work, the length of session, the terms of insurance and other factors. The rates you are charged will be clarified during the initial consultation or the first session. 


Payment to be made at the end of each session, by cash, credit card, or check, or entered on account for billing third parties.

In the event of inability to pay in the session, payment will be due prior to the next session. If needed, a payment plan may be agreed to. If terms of the agreement are not met, unpaid balances may be referred for collections. Returned checks will accrue the customary $75 charge, which will be applied to the account and due at the beginning of next session.

Third Party Payers

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin

Security Health Plan

Forward Health 


Menomonie Free Clinic, by referral

CCS through RWC


Our office staff is familiar with how to bill insurance and not the actual details of your plan. Each policy is unique to each individual client. We receive general information about your coverage from the insurer early in our therapy service. The client is responsible for knowing the details of their plan and communicating same to the therapist. Services unpaid by insurance are the responsibility of the client. We strive to bill insurance monthly.

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