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Support in Moving Forward

Counseling Men, Women, Youth and Children


I'm Retiring May 24th

I have always been grateful for the therapist-client relationship. As we focused on stretching your ideas and thinking, I also found my own perspectives expanding. 



Ron Welsch

I extensively explore each person’s struggles, interactions, and patterns of communication…with a goal of increasing happiness and health. My clients regularly report positive change. Applying what I have learned, think, feel, and do – on behalf of people and their relationships – feels like my calling…and I find it to be most satisfying.


Boys and men have a unique set of relational challenges following centuries of being placed and stuck in domineering roles. Effective Relational Skills are rising up into awareness for men, and promise to play a large role in creating a healthy human experience for individuals, families and entire communities…one where we are all more likely to fulfill our innate need for connection. I listen, empathize, reflect and collaborate on relational solutions. We build effective relational skills.

We need connection…healthy connection. The kind that transcends the unhelpful learnings in childhood to attain the healthy stances of assertiveness, cherishing the other, and strengthening the WE over the Me and the other. In my office, I always take the side of nurturing people in healthy relationships

Symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other disorders point toward a response, not a steady trait, or fact. Usually it is not an event that brings us down, but our thoughts about that event. Therapy yields a personal understanding of what made us how we are, developing acceptance of ourselves...and from acceptance we can chart a course into how we want to be. 

Thoughts on Mental Health
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