Grief & Loss

That ache you feel in your midsection after a loss, the one that tells you ‘you are not yourself’, that is unbearable at times and can run or ruin your whole day, month, years. Can you hear what that pain is telling you? There is really no silver lining. The hole may never be filled. And there is recovery. The intensity is directly a reflection of the depth of the love wounded. The challenge in life is to feel the feeling, feel it fully, in the moment and honor it as a testament of a good thing.
Well meaning friends and family may tell you,” Come on. It’s been a year, you should be over this already.” Besides the fact that your amazing advisor is actually expressing their own frustration about you or their own sadness, Grief is not a straight line process. Grief is a crazy, mixed up bowl of spaghetti with other noodles thrown in. It is predictably unpredictable.