About Me

Hi. My name is Ron Welsch, LMFT



I am here now to help. 


I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from UW Stout in 2016, while counseling, and teaching youth and children social and emotion regulation skills in schools and day treatment. After graduating, I worked with children in schools and their homes. I researched extensively about each person’s struggles and devised evidence-based and creative solutions affecting change in the family interactions and patterns of communication. Symptoms were reduced and happiness and health increased.



 I help clients with:


  • Understanding and living through changes in self and others

  • Feeling content and happier

  • Feeling safe

  • Emotional competency

  • Behavioral congruency

  • Identifying and managing larger personality traits in self and others

  • Negotiating life after trauma

  • Understanding ones changing identity

  • Life before, during, and after divorce

  • Recovery with and from addiction

  • Increasing focus and attention and completing tasks

  • Adjusting expectations and effective obedience

  • Self-determination in a materialistic and relational world



I guide people through their sadness, fear, confusion, and anger to a safer, healthier, happier place.

Counseling in Menomonie Ron Welsch

Basic Tenets of My Therapy

  • I don’t do talk therapy. I do Listen Therapy.
  • Life exists in this moment. And this one. And this one.
  • Life exists in our communication, our language.
  • The only time we have is NOW.
  • There are always two sides, and a third, fourth, 10th, hundredth.
  • Systems deliver what they are designed to deliver.
  • Many mental illness diagnoses point to relational illness or injury
  • Everybody is entitled to a “free” introductory session.
  • My business thrives on your referrals.
  • Limits define the edges of your Boundaries, the rules for interacting with you.
  • Your love must change over time as people are always changing.
  • Many body health challenges are physical manifestations of relational challenges