About Me

Hi. My name is Ron Welsch, LMFT


I am here now to help. 



I earned my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from UW Stout in 2016, while counseling, and teaching youth and children social and emotion regulation skills in schools and day treatment. After graduating, I worked with children in schools and their homes. I researched extensively about each person’s struggles and devised evidence-based and creative solutions affecting change in the family interactions and patterns of communication. Symptoms were reduced and happiness and health increased.



 I help clients with:


  • Understanding and living through changes in self and others

  • Feeling content and happier

  • Feeling safe

  • Emotional competency

  • Behavioral congruency

  • Identifying and managing larger personality traits in self and others

  • Negotiating life after trauma

  • Understanding ones changing identity

  • Life before, during, and after divorce

  • Recovery with and from addiction

  • Increasing focus and attention and completing tasks

  • Adjusting expectations and effective obedience

  • Self-determination in a materialistic and relational world



I guide people through their sadness, fear, confusion, and anger to a safer, healthier, happier place.




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Counseling in Menomonie Ron Welsch

Transforming Relational Communities

Boys & Men

“I could never reach my father,” the 60-year-old lamented. “Well, he hits me and Mom sometimes, “the 8-year-old shared. “Why doesn’t he listen?” parents complain. Why do I want to work with boys and men? I think they need something. I think I can make a difference in their lives.




Couples are fantastic! So much promise, so much hope, and so many possibilities. The multiplying power of two is amazing, except when it is not. When the hope dims and possibilities appear absent, we wonder if our hope was only fantasy. To some extent, it was.

Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Imagine life an hourglass, straddling the narrow stem, looking toward the bottom, thinking of what we should have done. Peering into the top we fret what is coming. When the bottom upwells and flows back through the narrow throat we experience severe reactions. Trauma and ‘milder’ experience shape our brains.  

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Your family is the most basic and durable organization in society. Healthy, entangled or cut-off, it unavoidably permeates one’s very essence. All we learn about living is taught here. Who we become is formed here. We seem to always be recovering from our original family or are struggling to craft a healthy new one. 

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Grief & Loss

That ache you feel in your midsection after a loss, the one that tells you ‘you are not yourself’, that is unbearable at times and can run or ruin your whole day, month, or year. Can you hear what that pain is telling you? The intensity is directly a reflection of the depth of the love wounded. The challenge in life is to feel the feeling, feel it fully, at the moment and honor it as a testament of a good thing.

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Ron Welsch  



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